Tax Audits & Appeals

The IRS conducts audits for a multitude of different legal issues or concerns. These audits are of a diverse selection of taxpayer types that include individuals, trusts, estates, partnerships, or corporations, to list just a few.  These audits can be complex from not only a substantive point of view, but also procedurally. So, most people’s first instincts are to pick up the phone and call their tax preparer or accountant who should be well versed in the substantive aspects related to the tax return.  Yet, the individual or firm that prepared the tax return is rarely versed in the procedural aspects of defending an audit, challenging the IRS’s position or handling of an audit, or the rights or legal avenues available in each audit’s unique facts and circumstances. This is one of many reasons it is advantageous to have an Attorney-CPA represent you in an audit.

It is also a good idea to hire a separate tax professional to defend and represent your interests in an audit.  While the tax preparer or accountant should have some involvement in the process to assist with workpapers, legal research, or other facts with the ability to communicate why positions were taken or representations made by the taxpayer or employees of the taxpayer. In the event that mistakes were made the unfortunate truth is that the preparer or accountant is not going to easily admit to those mistakes. Therefore, it is easy for a conflict to arise that cannot be properly addressed since the only parties to the conflict are the accountant and the IRS revenue agent.

While an audit may be daunting, time consuming, or even intimidating to most people, it does not mean that you, an employee, or tax professional did something wrong. Most audits conducted by the IRS are based on random selection, computer screening or from a related examination. Hiring an Attorney-CPA to defend and represent your interests does not mean you did anything wrong.  It means you need help and want someone on your side making sure you get a proper defense.

Tax laws are very complex, the procedural rules and filing requirements get more convoluted each year. It is only logical to hire a professional with experience and knowledge to look out for your best interests. At Anidjar Law our objective is to provide practical solutions to complex problems.

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