Tax Collection & Appeals

Anidjar Law helps taxpayers, both businesses and individuals, who are stuck in a predicament linked to substantial federal tax debt. Whether it is a multi-year non-filer who must not only have past due tax returns prepared, but requires assistance in seeking a collection alternative or plan to pay the United States Treasury/Internal Revenue Service over a period of time that is manageable and agreeable to both the taxpayer and the government. Anidjar Law helps its clients negotiate settlements, payment plans, or penalty abatements (or refunds) that take into consideration the client’s unique factual and financial circumstances.

Taxpayers may also find themselves dealing with a levy, seizure, or lien against property that inhibits the taxpayer from moving forward in some capacity whether business or personal. Anidjar Law helps its clients seeking relief by advocating for their rights and assisting in the defense against such government action by the IRS. Anidjar Law defends both individuals and businesses dealing with payroll tax and trust fund recovery penalty claims for substantial unpaid amounts due to the IRS.  An individual officer or owner of a company may find themselves with a proposed tax assessment known as a Trust Fund Recovery Penalty for amounts due by a company for unpaid payroll taxes.  Anidjar Law defends clients from such assessments or when an individual is a responsible party Anidjar Law will assist in resolving the matter with collection alternatives or other resolutions available under the law.

There are various other circumstances that a taxpayer may find themselves dealing with the IRS and in need of Anidjar Law to help resolve the problem. Anidjar Law’s mission is to provide practical solutions to complex problems. Timing is almost always a crucial factor in both strategy and available options, so don’t kick the proverbially can down the road and address your tax matter immediately.

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