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IRS Tax Debt & Relief

IRS tax collection efforts can be financially detrimental, but there are Taxpayer rights that may offer relief or a resolution beneficial to both the Government and the Taxpayer.

Tax Consulting

Tax consulting is the guidance and application of abstract principles of complex tax law to the surrounding facts and circumstances as it relates to a vast areas of other laws.

Business Transactions

The implications of tax and estate planning for business owners requires additional legal assistance above and beyond the general representation of a business or an individual separately.


Probate law is the legal procedure for transferring a deceased persons assets to beneficiaries, paying creditors, and the various legal concerns that arise from a person’s death.

Business Succession Planning

Most small and medium size business owners maintain most of their net worth in their business and it is vital that proper succession planning is prepared for unexpected events, maximizing liability protections and valuation, and minimizing tax liabilities.

Non-Resident Estate & Tax

Non-resident aliens owning US property may experience unique implications of estate and tax laws and require the execution of a proactive estate and tax plan to minimize tax and transfer assets upon death.

IRS Tax Audit

An IRS audit is a review/examination of a Taxpayer’s representations or omissions on IRS tax forms to confirm the information and tax reported is accurate and compliant with the complex and voluminous federal tax laws.

FL DOR Tax Audit

Audit defense against the FDOR is the practice of assisting taxpayers’ during a review or examination of its tax returns and records representing the tax collected, reported, and/or paid.  Audit defense requires both substantive knowledge of the applicable tax laws and an understanding of the procedural administrative and legal process afforded taxpayers under the law.

Estate Planning

Estate planning is the drafting of legal documents in coordination with a prepared plan that meets the objectives of a person addressing the transfer of assets upon a person’s death.

Trusts & Estate Litigation

Trust and Estate litigation is the legal process for resolving disputes that arise from matters involving the transfer of asset upon a person’s death.

Trusts Administration

A trustee is required to adhere to specific provisions in a trust agreement that require the assistance of an attorney in administering the trust provisions in a fiduciary capacity.

Asset Protection

Asset protection planning is implementing various legal strategies that insulate assets from claims of potential future unknown creditors.  This type of planning is employed by individuals with potential high risk exposure to creditor claims or by others with multiple assets looking to isolate and reduce the exposure of multiple assets to a claim.

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In order to resolve a problem the issue must first be identified.  Next, the circumstances may require a brief analysis of the identified problem, surrounding facts and applicable law in order to prepare a plan of possible solutions.  Anidjar Law offers a fee based consultation that will help an individual or business owner understand the issues and possible solutions to their tax problem.