Client Terms of Engagement

Effective July 21, 2020

We appreciate your decision to retain ANIDJAR LAW as your legal counsel.  This document explains how we work, our obligations to you, your obligations to us, what we will do on your behalf, and how our fees will be determined and billed.

Our engagement and the services that we will provide to you are limited to the matter identified in the accompanying letter.  Any changes in the scope of our representation as described in the letter must be approved in writing.  We will provide services of a strictly legal nature related to the matters described in that letter.  You will provide us with the factual information and materials we require to perform the services identified in the letter, and you will make such business or technical decisions and determinations as are appropriate.  You will not rely on us for business, investment, or accounting decisions, or expect us to investigate the character or credit of persons or entities with whom you may be dealing, unless otherwise specified in the letter

Confidentiality and Related Matters. As a matter of professional responsibility, we are required to preserve the confidences and secrets of our clients.  This professional obligation and the legal privilege for attorney-client communications exist to encourage candid and complete communication between a client and his lawyer.  We can perform beneficial services for a client only if we are aware of all information that might be relevant to our representation.  Consequently, we trust that our attorney-client relationship with you will be based on mutual confidence and unrestrained com­munication to facilitate our proper representation of you. 

Married Clients.  For married clients, your agreement to our arrangement also gives us permission to speak freely to each spouse, and that we may assume each spouse is communicating with the other and although we may deal primarily with one spouse, we are entitled to assume said spouse keeps the other spouse updated and informed about the entire process. Similarly, you agree that we may speak freely with your accountant, other lawyers (if any), and other persons as we may reasonably interpret, we have your permission to speak with to advance your case. If we are not authorized to speak with a spouse, accountant, or lawyer, please notify our office in writing.

Fees and Billing. When establishing fees for services that we render, we are guided primarily by the time and labor required, although we also consider other appropriate factors, such as the novelty and difficulty of the legal issues involved; the legal skill required to perform the particular assignment; time-saving use of resources (including research, analysis, data and documentation) that we have previously developed and stored electronically or otherwise in quickly retrievable form; the fee customarily charged by comparable firms for similar legal services; the amount of money involved or at risk and the results obtained; and the time constraints imposed by either the client or the circumstances.  The firm generally requires a retainer in an amount that is appropriate with respect to the proposed representation.  We generally will apply our services rendered to your fee deposit.  When the fee deposit is at or near exhaustion, we may ask you to replenish the deposit, and you agree to do so.  Alternatively, and unless otherwise agreed, the retainer may be applied to the last statement rendered in connection with the representation, with any unused portion being returned to you.  We record and bill our time in one-tenth hour (six minute) increments.

If the matter defined in the accompanying letter describes an engagement involving litigation, the amount of the attorney’s fees to which the firm shall be paid shall be the greater of (a) the amount set forth in this fee agreement or (b) whatever is awarded by the court (or arbitrator if applicable) in instances where applicable law may provide for an award of attorney’s fee to you.  The fact that an award of attorney’s fees may be sought against your opposition in litigation under applicable law shall in no way modify or reduce your ongoing obligation to the firm to remain current on amounts billed to you during the course of the firm’s engagement.

We bill periodically through-out the engagement for a particular matter, and our periodic statements are due when rendered.  If our fees are based primarily on the amount of our time devoted to the matter, our statements will be rendered monthly.  In instances in which we represent more than one person with respect to a matter, each person that we represent is jointly and severally liable for our fees and expenses with respect to the representation.  Our statements contain a concise summary of each matter for which legal services are rendered and a fee is charged. If our statements are not paid in a timely manner, we reserve the right to discontinue services.  You agree we may assert an attorney’s lien on your file if we are not timely paid, thereby retaining all documents provided to us in connection with your matter until payment is received or adequate assurance of payment (acceptable to us in our sole discretion) is received.  You also agree that if we are not timely paid or are discharged from your matter, we may assert a “charging lien” on your file as a lien against proceeds which may be recovered by you or on your behalf.  If our statement has not been paid within 30 days from the date of the statement, we impose an interest charge of 1.25 percent per month (a 15 percent annual percentage rate) from the 30th day after the date of the statement until it is paid in full.  Interest charges apply to specific monthly statements on an individual statement basis. Any payments made on past due statements are applied first to the oldest outstanding statement.  We are entitled to attorneys’ fees and expenses if collection activities are necessary.  We will be paid in full if discharged from any matter we are handling for you.

You agree that we are authorized to and may receive settlement monies on your behalf, and that we may deduct from those funds the amount of your outstanding bills and costs which have been incurred in connection with the matter for which the monies were received (and any other matter on which we may be working for you) before remitting the balance of those settlement monies to you.  Additionally, if we are holding monies in trust for your benefit, you authorize us to apply those trust monies to any of your outstanding invoices before remitting the balance of the funds in trust to you.

Out-of-Pocket Expenses. In addition to legal fees, our statements may include out-of-pocket expenses that we have advanced on your behalf and our internal charges (which may exceed direct costs and allocated overhead expenses) for certain support activities.  Alternatively, we may charge for such internal charges as a percentage of the fees charged.  Although we typically do not advance expenses when outside service providers are required, advanced expenses generally may include such items as travel, postage that is distinct from regular U.S. mail, filing, recording, certification, and registration fees charged by governmental bodies.  Our internal charges typically include such itemsas overnight courier services, certain charges for terminal time for computer research and complex document production.  We may request an advance cost deposit (in addition to the advance fee deposit) when we expect that we will be required to incur substantial costs on behalf of the client.  You agree that if required to travel in connection with your matter, we may arrange “first class” accommodations and transportation.

During the course of our representation, it may be appropriate to hire third parties to provide services on your behalf.  These services may include such things as consulting or testifying experts, investigators, providers of computerized litigation support, and court reporters.  Because of the legal “work product” protection afforded to services that an attorney requests from third parties, in certain situations our firm may assume responsibility for retaining the appropriate service providers.  Even if we do so, however, you will be responsible for paying all fees and expenses directly to the service providers or reimbursing us for these expenses.  You agree that we may instruct the foregoing service providers to bill you directly for their services rendered.

Questions About Our Bills. We invite you to discuss with us any questions that you have concerning a fee charged for any matter.  We want you to be satisfied with the quality of our services and the reasonableness of the fees that we charge for those services.  We will attempt to provide as much billing information as you require and in such customary form that you desire.

Forms of Payment.  Your legal fees are due and payable upon receipt of the billing and may be satisfied with any of the following payment options:

  1. Payment by paper check;
  2. Payment by Zelle (Recipient Name Anidjar Law & E-Mail & Invoice No.)
  3. Payment by e-check through Attorney’s MyCase Client Portal;
  4. Payment by credit or debit card (subject to 2.5% surcharge) through Attorney’s MyCase Client Portal – ADVANCE NOTICE REQUIRED PRIOR TO ISSUING INVOICE.

Estimate.  We are often requested to estimate the amount of fees and costs likely to be incurred in connection with a particular matter. Whenever possible we will furnish such an estimate based upon our professional judgment, but always with a clear understanding that it is not a maximum or fixed fee quotation. The ultimate cost frequently is more or less than the amount estimated.  For certain well-defined services Attorney will quote a flat fee. It is our policy not to accept representation on a flat fee basis except in such defined-service areas or pursuant to a special arrangement tailored to the needs of a particular client. In all such situations, the flat fee arrangement will be expressed in an Addendum, setting forth both the amount of the fee and the scope of the services to be provided. We appreciate your expression of confidence in us and we assure you that we will strive to obtain a resolution of this matter in a professional and cost-effective manner. Your duty is to cooperate fully and keep us updated on any changes to your contact information.

File Maintenance. During our representation of you, we will be sending you copies of all-important contracts, pleadings, letters, notices, and other material that we believe you should review. Our office strives to maintain these documents in digital (paperless) format, so more often these copies shall be in digital format, for ease of retention and portability. You should have a secure place to keep these documents. If you need additional paper copies at any time, we can make those at your expense for our normal copy fees or cooperate in sending the data to the secure copy service of your choice. You may control such costs by keeping digital copies. Should you believe your particular file requires encryption, you should advise us of the form of such encryption. If our office is required to secure encryption software specifically for your case, the cost of that software shall be included in your bill.

Disposition of Client Files.  At the conclusion of this matter, you may request that all matters in your file shall be returned to you. You are further advised to retain all confidential information or original documents from our file.  Otherwise, you authorize us to destroy in a secure manner the information contained in our matter file after three months from the date the legal service is completed or terminated.  If you want a copy of a file at any time, then we shall deliver it to you in the same format in which the file is maintained in our office. If your desire paper copies of files or data which we solely maintain in digital format, we will either provide you the digital copies as well as making you the paper copies at an additional expense, or cooperate in delivering your digital file to a copy printing service of your choice so that your selected copies may be made at your expense.

Termination. Upon completion of the matter to which this representation applies, or upon earlier termination of our relationship, the attorney-client relationship will end unless you and we have expressly agreed to a continuation with respect to other matters.  We hope, of course, that such a continuation will be the case.  The representation is terminable at will by either of us.  The termination of the representation will not terminate your obligation to pay fees and expenses incurred prior to the termination.

Consent to Arbitration. The undersigned parties do hereby agree to submit to arbitration of their controversy concerning the legal fees charges by the attorney named herein. The parties have thereby authorized a duly appointed sole arbitrator or arbitration panel of the Florida bar to act as an arbitrator(s) and to proceed to hear this matter pursuant to the supreme court rule regulating the Florida bar – chapter 14 (fee arbitration rule), rules of procedure for a fee arbitration proceeding and chapter 682, Florida statutes. The sole arbitrator and members of the arbitration panel shall be vested with all the powers and shall assume all the duties granted and imposed upon arbitrators by Florida law. The parties have agreed that judgment may be entered on the award of any court of competent jurisdiction in the state of Florida and, therefore, any award rendered shall be binding.



Additional Terms & Conditions

Any reference herein to “this Agreement” or “the Agreement” is to the Retainer Agreement executed by and between the Client and the Attorney.  All of the Terms and Conditions listed below are expressly incorporated into the Agreement as agreed to in the Terms and Conditions paragraph of the Agreement.

CONSULTATION TERMS. In accordance with our cancellation policy, the consultation fee may be credited in full only if you cancel your consultation a minimum of one (1) business day in advance of your scheduled consultation time. Please note that a $100 administrative fee will be deducted from the total amount credited for the cancelled consultation should the consultation not be cancelled a minimum of one (1) business day in advance. Should a consultation need to be rescheduled and less than one (1) business days’ notice is given, no charge will be applied. If the consultation is rescheduled on two or more occasions, a $100 administrative fee will be deducted from the total amount credited for the rescheduled consultation per occurrence. Please note that your consultation does not establish an on-going attorney-client relationship with Anidjar Law. Therefore, you do not become a client of Anidjar Law merely by having a consultation. However, the consultation is confidential. You can feel free to discuss issues with us so you can determine whether you should hire an attorney to represent you. Intake Form Deadline: After or in conjunction with a request for payment of the consultation, you will receive an intake form. The intake form will ask a few background questions in order for us to assess your issue and provide better advice to you. Please submit the intake form within (1) business day of payment along with a signed IRS Form 8821, if necessary.

NO PROMISES OR GUARANTEES. Client understands that Attorney has not and cannot guarantee any outcome or results for any matters in which the Attorney represents Client.  However, Attorney will diligently represent its Client’s interests and will strive to perform only those services required by the facts and circumstances of the matter and the law as assessed by Attorney.

FEES AND COSTS. Unless otherwise indicated by the Agreement, Client pays the Attorney a non-refundable retainer fee based on the complexity of the representation and the amount of time expected or required.  The retainer fee is required to engage the Attorney services, which is applied to an internal Client accounting and billed against at the hourly rates listed below (these rates are updated annually at the start of the fiscal year).  Clients are billed for time spent on their case rounded to the nearest 6-minute increment of an hour.  For example: 24 minutes=0.4 hours; 28 minutes=0.5 hours; 5 minutes=0.1 hours; or 8 minutes=0.2 hours.

Additionally, Clients with probate matters will be required to pay a cost deposit—determined by the amount of costs anticipated in the case—which will be held in a separate account (Trust account) than your retainer fee and applied toward any necessary costs incurred on your behalf. Such costs include, but are not limited to, court filing fees, issuance of summonses, service of process, court reporter fees for attendance at depositions and hearings, transcriptions of depositions and hearings, courier services, travel expenses, if necessary, subpoena costs, witness fees, mediator fees, accounting fees, appraisal fees and other expert fees, etc.

ADVANCED FEES IN TRUST. Litigation and hourly-paying Clients will be required to maintain in their Trust account a “Trust Credit” as a forward credit on all open matters in an amount identified on their retainer agreement. Upon issuing invoices to Clients, Firm shall withdraw the invoiced amounts directly from Client’s Trust balance, and Client shall have ten (10) days after being invoiced to replenish the Trust account back to the required Trust Credit amount. This amount shall not affect or alter any prior payments made or credits held by Firm. If Client objects to any amount in the invoice, Firm will move the objected-to amounts back into Client’s Trust account until the matter is resolved. Failure to send any written objections to any of the billing entries within 10 days of being sent an invoice will be deemed Client’s full acceptance of the time and amount billed on said invoice, as well as a complete and irrevocable waiver of any objections to any of the billing entries on the invoice.

PAYMENT OF FEES AND COSTS BY THIRD PARTIES. The Firm will only have an attorney-client relationship with the Client, regardless if any third party (such as a guarantor) pays the fees and costs of the Client. The Client acknowledges, agrees and understand that any such third party will not be an intended beneficiary of the Firm’s representation of the Client, and is not considered to be a client of the Firm. Accordingly, the Client should not copy (or forward to) any such third parties, any communications between the Client and the Firm (including any invoices). While the Client has the right to waive attorney-client privilege, the Firm does not recommend any waiver by the Client. Additionally, Client understands and agrees that no such third party will not be entitled to request or receive updates regarding the case or to learn the Firm’s strategy in representing the Client, nor will he or she have a right to object to any invoiced amounts, and that right exclusively belongs to the Client. Nothing within this Agreement should be construed or interpreted as creating an attorney-client relationship between the Firm and any third party, nor should it be construed or interpreted as intending any third party to be an intended third-party beneficiary. We strive to make payment as easy on our clients as possible. Payment via check, ACH, bill pay, etc., is an option for all clients, as long as payments are timely received. Should clients pay via credit card, however, as most clients do – we will charge a 2.5% convenience fee to the client.

FIRM PROPERTY. Client understands and acknowledges that any documentation (and drafts of any documentation) created by the Firm is the exclusive property of the Firm, and the Firm issues the Client a limited and revocable license for use of the document for the sole purpose of the matter set forth above. Client may not use, distribute, disseminate or copy any of the Firm’s documentation or drafts without express authorization in writing and signed by the Firm’s managing attorney. Client acknowledges that once funds are transferred into the Firm’s Operating Account, those funds become the property of the Firm.

SECURITY INTEREST. The Firm has a security interest and secured claim on all retainers and monies paid to the Firm by the Client (or a Guarantor for the Client). This security interest and secured claim is automatically perfected. Additionally, the Client and any Guarantor agree to execute and file any documents the Firm reasonably requests to perfect or continue the perfection of said security interest and secured claim.

BANKRUPTCY. In the event that Client files bankruptcy, Client acknowledges and agrees that the Firm has a secured and preferred claim for any retainers and monies paid to the Firm for the Firm’s services to the Client, as well as for any unpaid attorney’s fees and costs. In the event of multiple clients, Client also acknowledges and agrees that any and all payments (including those made by a Guarantor) that are made for the Firm’s representation of the Client, represents a benefit received by each Client, regardless of who made the payment. Client acknowledges, agrees, represents and warrants that: all payments made to the Firm are made in the ordinary course of business and made according to ordinary business terms, and therefore, are not subject to any disgorgement, claw-back, or avoidance; and that Client received the payment or obligation to pay, for value and in good faith, and in exchange for value the Firm gave Client.

In the event of an attempt by a bankruptcy trustee to disgorge, claw-back, avoid, or otherwise undo any transfer of monies received by the Firm from the Client (including instituting any adversary proceedings against the Firm), Client agrees to fully indemnify and defend the Firm, at Client’s own cost. Client will also cooperate in assisting in the defense of the Firm, at Client’s own cost. To the extent allowable by law, the Client acknowledges and agrees that any fees and costs paid or owed to the Firm for services rendered by the Firm to Client, both pre-petition and post-petition, are not subject to any discharge via bankruptcy, and survive any bankruptcy discharge. The obligations in the Agreement also survive any bankruptcy discharge.

CLIENT NON-PAYMENT. If the Firm is in a position where a client has failed to abide by the terms of their Retainer Agreement or other arrangement due to non-payment, the Firm will advise the Client that all non-essential work on their matter has been suspended (matters which could prejudice your case will still be handled as long as we are attorneys of record). (By the way, we encourage you to implement this policy in your business as well!). At that point, staff members will cease performing all non-essential work on that file until the non-payment issue is resolved. Please stay current with payments so that we can remain focused on solving your legal matters without interruption.


In addition to timely payment of fees and costs, Client’s obligations will include the following:

1. Ensuring that the Firm has current and working contact information for the Client;

2. Timely cooperating with any request for documents by the Firm related to the representation;

3. Reasonably and timely responding to communications from the Firm and requests for conferences by the Firm;

4. Utilizing the call-back procedure implemented by the Firm;

5. Coordinating meetings with the Firm’s attorneys and staff ahead of time to ensure availability; and

6. Complying with the terms and conditions of this Agreement, as well as the policies set forth by the Firm.


Collection. In the event it becomes necessary to enforce this Agreement for unpaid costs and/or fees, Client shall be charged for the Firm’s reasonable attorney fees for any and all costs associated therewith. Client hereby waives protection from garnishment as set forth in Florida Statute § 222.11. In the event of non-payment or a dispute regarding fees and costs owed to the Firm, Client acknowledges and agrees that the Firm will be entitled to the following, to the extent allowable by law:

A retaining lien on all file materials as well as Client funds or property in the Firm’s possession, and may be asserted whether or not a suit has been filed; and

A charging lien on any and all funds which may come into the possession of Client whether through a settlement, sale of real or personal property, inheritance, or any other method.

Litigation. In the event the parties hereto engage in litigation arising from or relating to any of the terms of this agreement, including but not limited to disputes over unpaid fees and/or costs, the prevailing party shall be entitled to reasonable attorney fees and costs for litigating both entitlement and amount at all stages of litigation, including collections and appeals.

Governing Law and Jurisdiction. This Agreement shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the State of Florida, without regard to principles of conflicts of law. The Parties agree to exclusive venue and jurisdiction in Broward County, Florida. The parties also waive the right to a trial by jury.

Firm may file a charging lien on client’s matter should Client fail to pay Firm for services rendered and/or for services under Client’s Retainer Agreement. Firm may also request the Court not allow Client to retain substitute counsel until Client pays Firm all outstanding monies owed.

SEVERABILITY. The Agreement (including these terms and conditions) contains the entire understanding of the parties and may not be varied or modified unless in writing and signed by the parties to be affected by the modification. If any provision(s) of this Agreement is judicially declared invalid and/or unenforceable, the remaining provisions shall remain in full force and effect. The obligations in the Agreement survive execution of the Agreement.

BINDING EFFECT. To the fullest extent permitted by law, the terms of the Agreement, including all benefits derived by any Party pursuant to the terms of the Agreement, shall be binding on all of the Parties and their (as applicable) officers, directors, subsidiaries, agents, employees, immediate family members, spouses, heirs, successors, assigns, administrators, conservators and executors.


Regardless of the date the Agreement was signed, the Firm reserves the right to revise and update the Terms & Conditions at its discretion. Client represents that neither Client, nor the principals, officers, partners, and/or members of Client: (i) are identified on any U.S. Government or other government list of prohibited or restricted parties, including, the Specially Designated Nationals and Blocked Persons List maintained by the U.S. Department of the Treasury, or (ii) are owned or controlled by or acting on behalf of a party on any such list.


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